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We help create equal opportunities for all to be able to play with a ball. We have produced over 1,000 bespoke products. Which we sell, 50% of the profits then go into buying new balls.

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Old Balls made New again

pic of Shalo
Shalo, Mathare


We rescue old, broken, unwanted balls, from schools, clubs and individuals. Contact Us to get involved.


We upcycle the “Old Balls”, by using the leather to make a range of products for resale.


We then purchase new balls that are donated to schools, refugee camps, clubs and individuals.

For every 10 old balls donated to us, we buy and donate 1 new ball

Although we can’t measure the happiness playing with a new ball can bring a child; we can measure your donations


Balls rescued


Bespoke products created


Balls donated

Be a force for good; don’t let your Old Balls suffer alone in silence – donate them
photo of a lonely, forlorn football nestled in a clump of grass by a lake on a frosty dawn

Join the cause

If you or someone you know at a school, college, sports or leisure centre would like to host an Old Balls presentation and/or donation bin, please get in touch!

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Donation bins

There are a number of locations that will accept your old balls – find an Old Balls donation bin near you!